Consultancy Services


Streamlining your business by implementing various intelligent technologies and strategies with it is the way to sustain and grow in today’s competitive times. Deployment of software such as Customer Relationship Management systems for increasing productivity and revenues or creating user friendly and targeted websites using web Content Management Systems is the need of time for every business. On similar lines, if you are a retail business, setting up an online E-commerce store can be a beneficial strategy to excavate new markets, attract new customers, increase the sales numbers and eventually take your business to higher levels. Also, your websites should be interactive enough to draw the attention of more and more visitors which are your prospective leads for future. Just like the 'Rock of Gibraltar’ is the key to the Mediterranean, sophisticated web applications are your passwords to enter a vast sea of customers and now, even mobile applications can help you with the same.  Application Nexus completely understands the structure of current market scenarios and accordingly offers mission critical services and enterprise solutions to its clients. Our consultancy services include:

    • CMS Deployment – With an expertise in open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL, we assist in the implementation of basically three content management systems; Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. The motive is to organize content in a systematic way and present it in a user friendly interface on your website.
    • CRM Deployment – Our CRM deployment services are targeted towards three major objectives; synchronized sharing of vital work-related information, management of relationships with customers and addition of more customers to the portfolio of your company along with the retention of previous ones.
    • E-commerce Solutions –A vast experience in setting up an online ecommerce store and detailed knowledge about the field helps us to implement tailor made ecommerce solutions for your business. By using sophisticated ecommerce components like Virtuemart, CS-Cart and Magento
    • Application Development – Intelligent web applications are significant for your business to maintain close interaction with customers and create potential leads for the future. Using high-end technologies, we design, develop and deliver custom web applications that completely suit your business requirements.
    • Mobile Applications – Mobile has evolved to become an integral part of everyone’s life which gives your business an opportunity to benefit from its many advantages. We render our expertise to design, program and deploy mobile applications on various platforms including Android and BlackBerry in order to give your business a head-start in the race to reach the peak.

Our consultancy services follow a disciplined execution pattern which is planned before commencing every project. The simple yet effective approach of planning, designing, developing and deploying any software or service according to client requirements forms the core of our consultancy services.

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