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In today’s ever changing world of online business, communication plays a crucial role for the recognition of your brand amongst the people. When a visitor lands up on your website, you have just a few seconds to deliver the message and influence his decision. Businesses believe that effective communication with the help of contents is somewhat effortless, but creative communication using designing is a bit tricky. That’s where Application Nexus can pitch in and convert your raw ideas of some texts and images into execution.

Our designing team has a continued experience in creative design solutions created for our own products. We bring innovation, creativity, knowledge, visual appeal and spark in our designs which will work for your customers, employees, stakeholders and all those involved in the business process. Designing, in itself is not a complicated chore, but the design which is fresh and speaks for your business is a skill and based on our studies and practice we can certainly deliver on your requirements.

Here is how our designs will communicate for your business –

    • Web Designing - Do you have a dreary website which does not effectively portray the strength as well as the prospect of your business? Well, it’s time to change. Rather, it’s time to change with Application Nexus. With the shift of web designing from PC to other devices, we will design your site which will work across all the platforms and at the same time communicate your business goals. We will deliver a perfect SEO friendly layout for your business and effective porting of the design to application framework languages with social considerations which will create a strong visibility of your business.
    • Web Application Design - Are your web applications designed by some designer who designs business cards and flyers? If yes, then probably you are putting your entire business reputation at stake. Our experience with web application design dates back to the web 2.0 transitions and with a team of wide expertise we put all the good things of our web designing skills together. We plan the designs, put the flowcharts and UMLs, define the places for Ajax or jQuery, map the pixel perfect images and to ensure the best product, the application goes through many hands.
    • Corporate Identity Design - Corporate Identity Design starts with a logo and ends with it and designing the logo is creating an iconic illustration in the ecosystem of business which will separate you from the crowd.  It essentially involves the logo and a tagline embossed on the website, banner ads, visiting cards, letter heads and business cards. The designing team at Application Nexus will study your Company’s vision and mission statements and based on those we will create a corporate identity that works everywhere.
    • Product Presentation - From simplest to most complex messages, deliver your presentation in the most effective way with the 'Wow effect’. Our interactive software solutions combined with our knowledge of product portrayal, Application Nexus will present your strategy and your product to the customers, boardroom of stakeholders or employees with utmost responsibility and infotainment point of view. Be it B2B or B2C presentations, our Flash animations, Demo videos, and PowerPoint Presentations will just add value to the way your business is perceived.
    • Social Media Elements - Are you still puzzled over social media marketing and analyzing the possibilities of success within it? Major businesses across the globe track the social behavior patterns and sketch their strategies accordingly. For us, social media is a complete department consisting of social media designing, development and marketing strategies which can anticipate opportunities and achieve growth in this playground. Many businesses underestimate these fanpages whereas we view them as extended components of your business. With custom apps, graphics and interactive contents, we will design your social media elements and bridge the socialization gap between your customers and your business.

Our creative designing team at Application Nexus will effectively communicate your business goals through the designs. Right from the initial conversations to the final product, our team will conceptualize and craft the ideas with you and deliver it in the form of pixel perfect designs that add value to the way your business is perceived by your customers. We believe that good designs are a result of honest and creative work, and at the same time arranging the elements while believing in your intuitions.

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