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Application Nexus Webservices Private Limited founded in 2007 and incorporated in summer 2008 is a privately held software company located in Nasik MH India. Ours is an institution which nurtures growth of our employees through global exposure and sparks the leadership qualities of individuals to cultivate the seeds of management in next generation leaders. We are very well aware of the fact that success is a masked reward which is in the form of talented and dedicated people. This is what we exactly crave for.

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Nexus Story


The Gist

Once there were two young men - both fanatics, both crazy - brimming with ambition, who wanted to create something of value and who were insane enough to chase those challenging goals! They started a company with two people, in a small city somewhere in India and within few years had more than 50 employees with their presence in three continents!

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Multiple User Friendly Joomla Modules Developed


Developers at Application Nexus have taken development of user friendly websites a step further. They have used the adaptability feature of Joomla to develop modules that facilitate better slideshows and featured posts. Owing to the increasing needs of creativity in the sites, and the lack of options to do so, the developers worked on writing modules and extensions to create something that would differentiate their site from the crowd.

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Дървени летви - колчета от ЕМСИЕН-3
Дюшемедюшеме от EMSIEN-3