Dump your SEO Service Company when they have NO clue of what they’re Upto

dump-your-seo-service-company-when-they-have-no-clue-of-what-theyre-uptoNo matter how effectively and proficiently Google denies the effect of link building and the 'wonders' of natural link building, let's admit it that they're a corporate and search monopoly, Period. That says it all and even if they deny it, thousands and millions of SEO companies are striving in the link building market to 'Buy' some quality links to facilitate the link juice transfer on their clients' site. SEO service companies have a huge influence on your website and it's the 'noble' deed of these people that make the difference between a cent earned and millions of dollars lost.

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Social Media Marketing – It’s not just about ‘Likes’ or ‘Retweeting’

social-media-marketing–its-not-just-about-likes-or-retweetingWith more than a billion people using varied social networking sites, it's worthless to start with explaining the fundamentals and the mode of working of social networking. If you're reading this post, we are taking for granted that you already use social media either for your business or personal purposes and by this time you've already ceased victim to the 'Like' or 'Follow' button of your favorite brand, business or a celebrity. Many people or businesses judge the success rate of a Social page with the number of Facebook Likes it has, Twitter Follows and Youtube views (and Google +1's if you care about it)

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Ecommerce Descriptions – Not Meant Only for Search Engines

ecommerce-descriptions–not-meant-only-for-search-enginesInternet is no more about mails and connectivity; it has touched every aspect of human life from relationships to business. Internet has revolutionized shopping experiences because anything you wish to buy is just a click away. Shopping has always been about connection between a product and customer and this fact doesn't change in case of online shopping too. Establishing this invaluable connection in case of ecommerce is difficult as the customer cannot physically see you or your product giving rise to a question of trust and the effectiveness of your product.

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