Silk Plants Direct

silk-plants-direct is an online ecommerce store that offers variety of silk plants, artificial trees, colorful faux flowers and much more to its customers. With a picture perfect slideshow featured on the home page and a beautiful template layout, the site appeals to its visitors. The website features a large inventory of artificial plants and trees with a product description for each of these plants, the product image and additional information about it. The compact implementation of Virtuemart, an ecommerce component, along with different interactive web applications which give the users a great online shopping experience, contribute to the overall functionality of the website.  All in all, this ecommerce store is a user friendly website for visitors from the navigation, content, design and interface standpoint.

Buffalo Spirit

buffalo-spirit is a knowledge based travel website that highlights the activities, people, history and culture of Buffalo, a place in Canada. It provides the users with abundant information about the different tribes and native people in Canada such as the Aborigines, Inuit and Métis and talks about their culture, beliefs, traditions and other activities that they indulge into. The home page includes a pictorial representation of the region in the form of a splendid slideshow. The site provides ease of navigation which enables visitors to travel from one page to the other in no time. The overall user interface, graphic rich design and responsible content give this website a place in the hearts of visitors.


olympist, as the name suggests, is a website about the spirit and endurance of the modern Olympic Games. It provides bounty of information about summer as well as winter Olympics along with a special focus on Olympic legends from various sports. The site also talks about the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in London and Rio de Janeiro in 2012 and 2016 respectively. Striking images in the slideshow, a simple yet attractive template and the sports-themed background enhance the appearance of the website. The sophisticated navigation from page to page and the rich user interface make this website wealthy from the functionality point of view.

The Fine Wine Cellar

the-fine-wine-cellar is truly an encyclopedia of wine which contains the smallest piece of information about wine from the various types of grapes to the serving and drinking etiquettes. The home page of this website features a pleasant slideshow adorned by pixel perfect images. The rich design of the website, the interactive and dynamic template along with simple and convenient navigation provides the visitors a delightful experience. The website features articles about ample of wine topics that include preparation of wine, the storing and aging processes, grape varieties, wine accessories, famous and expensive wines, wine etiquettes and much more. Complete in all the aspects, the Fine Wine Cellar certainly gives its users a feel that says, 'Wine is a religion’.

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