Colorful Orchids

colorful-orchids, as the name suggests, is an information based website with beloved flowers called Orchids as the theme. The site offers ample knowledge about various species of orchids from interesting to rare ones along with some useful tips to cultivate and nurture Orchids in house gardens and using them as special gifts on different occasions. The scenic slideshow on the front page gives a fresh look to the website and compliments the artistic background design and user friendly page layout. The simple navigation and rich user interface are chief highlights of this website.


edmontonpl is a travel website that talks about tourism in Edmonton, a city in Canada. The website can be termed as a complete travel guide of the city as it provides extensive information about the tourist attractions, cultures and festivals, local cuisine, nightlife and interesting activities that can be done around the place. A neat slideshow on the home page and a systematic display of information add to the sophisticated user interface of the site. Also, the smooth and steady navigation enables users to travel between articles without any trouble at all. All in all, the compact layout of this knowledge wealthy website gives visitors a virtual feel of roaming in the city of Edmonton.

Rock Rowing Club

rock-rowing-club is a website that speaks about rowing, the different rowing races and events held world over and also the various types of rowing boats that are used by players. The graphic rich images of the slideshow on the homepage and an orderly arrangement of articles contribute to the classy design of this website. Also, the soothing background that displays a huge mass of blue water enhances the overall appearance of the site. Consistency has been maintained all along in the navigation area which makes the users feel that they are actually ‘rowing’ around the site.



Portals are large websites that deliver informative news and latest happenings in different subjects to the user at the click of a mouse. These are 5 such huge portals designed and developed by Application Nexus with an objective to create a sophisticated source of news and events. is an educational news hub that aims at creating awareness about the various opportunities available in the education sector. is another website that focuses on business news, financial news, latest happenings in global markets and buzzing technology trends world over. A guide for the ambitious career seekers, talks about the most happening job opportunities in various industries and sectors. is a portal completely dedicated to provide news and events in the financial markets. Written from a B2B point of view, includes news articles about latest technologies such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Applications and much more. All these portals have a concrete user interface, sharp and steady designs and efficient navigation to avail visitors an unforgettable user experience. With appropriate and graphic rich imagery and organized templates, these portals are examples of finest quality web development.

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