Liquid Photography

liquid-photography is an amazing underwater photography website that offers you an all-inclusive guide on equipments, photography techniques, top diving destinations and upcoming events for underwater photography. The striking slideshow on the homepage immediately takes you underwater with its beautiful images. Along with the attractive visuals, the website offers an assortment of well-researched articles written on a wide array of subjects. The articles comprehensively cover technical topics like techniques used in photography, types of equipments, settings and modes of cameras as well as informative articles like tips and best destinations. A photo gallery featuring 90 breathtaking underwater photos is another attraction of this site. On the whole, Liquid Photography is truly a complete website with smart navigation, sophisticated design, detailed articles and eye-catching graphics.

Ninja Novelty Signs

ninja-novelty-signs is an ecommerce shop offering hundreds of durable and rust proof novelty signs which includes crossing signs, parking signs, sports sign, warning signs, not-allowed signs and lots more. An interesting homepage featuring latest products, easy navigation to inner pages and a simple yet pleasant template layout makes it an attractive website. With the clever implementation of the ecommerce component, Virtuemart and other web applications; the website is an exciting and effortless shopping excursion for online shoppers. The website also features a smart and witty description for each product along with other product details. A stylish design, smooth navigation, entertaining e-commerce contents and good interface make Ninja Novelty Signs a great online shopping website.

Baby Products

baby-products is a charming website featuring information on all the baby products in market like skin products, bath products, baby furniture, toys, reviews on latest products, etc. The first thing that immediately attracts visitors is the adorable design and warm colors of the website. The homepage with the designing of hanging-toys and logo is specially worth mentioning. All the articles in the website are extremely well researched and give information on an array of products for babies grouped in 0-6 months, 6-12 months and above 12 months. The website also offers detailed reviews on latest baby products launched in market. Informative articles, lovely design, easy browsing and attractive images make this a truly pleasant baby website.

1001 Homes


An attractive home improvement website, provides insight on home decoration and designing. What immediately attracts one to the website is its unique slideshow and the stylish page layout. The 'wooden signboard' slideshow and menu bar, the 'tree signpost' for Next button and the striking background image make the website visually appealing. The articles highlight home renovation, decoration, shifting, selling and other such topics. With a blend of amazing design, effortless browsing, and simplified content, this website will certainly give the user an interesting reading experience.

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