Interactive Marketing Services


As rightly said by David Ogilvy, “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.” With numerous new users logging on to the internet either through the computer platform or portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets, marketing has gone online and has become a digital reflection of the brand. Interactive marketing works as an integral part of the marketing strategies of organizations today and can largely contribute to the brand image of your enterprise. Here is where your business requires an interactive marketing consultancy and Application Nexus does just the same, in a profound way! Our interactive marketing services are objected to fill up the void between your company and its targeted market by implementing intelligent solutions, creating result oriented digital marketing strategies and increasing the ROI. A neat expertise and vast industry experience enables us to design tailor-made interactive marketing solutions for your business as per the requirements. Here is what our interactive marketing services include:

    • PPC Management – A well placed PPC and PPM campaign can lead to substantial Return on Investment for any company that follows the path. Application Nexus works in the areas of planning and managing PPC and PPM campaigns that are effectively crafted after an extensive research and have an objective to meet your business needs. A thorough analysis of the implemented strategies at every given stage along with the innovations brought about in the same is the most important aspect of these services.
    • Web Analytics – Monitoring your website on a consistent basis and processing the acquired data in a sensible analysis is an important step towards the success of any online business. With the help of efficient web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Coremetrics Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst, we render our expertise to evaluate large expanse of data and process it into relevant mission critical information which helps in your decision making.
    • Social Media Marketing – A Social Media Marketing strategy is not just creating your company page on social media platforms, it involves much more. Our meticulous understanding of how social media works to benefit business enterprises helps us to cater effective Social Media Marketing services to you. Along with the creation of promotional pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these services also include their regular maintenance, product and brand promotion, scheme introductions and solving customer issues.
    • Campaign Management – Whether you are looking to improve the traffic on your company website or are searching for a way to increase the sales numbers through interactive marketing efforts, Application Nexus can help you in planning and executing a well directed campaign. Our campaign management services include the mapping of suitable campaigns according to client requirements and its proper execution to achieve your organizational goals.
    • Newsletter Marketing – Periodic newsletters that speak about enhanced products and services are direct and go-getting ways to interact with customers. At Application Nexus, our team of consultants works on devising a newsletter management strategy and reaching the target audience. These newsletter marketing services basically have two objectives; to stay in touch with the existing subscribers and adding new ones to increase the revenues.
    • Organic SEO – Ranking your website in search engines is a big step towards reaching out to larger audiences and eventually cashing in on the sales opportunities that it provides. We cater organic SEO services to enterprises and help their online mouthpiece to get rewarded by search engines for an enhanced visitor base. These services include offsite as well as onsite optimization and are executed with an organic and quality oriented approach in mind.
    • Competitive Advantage – How does a complete analysis of your competitors in the online spectrum sound? Interesting, isn’t it? Our Competitive Advantage services include a thorough analysis of the competing websites and their online marketing strategies. This analysis proves to be useful for your business to understand what others are doing and accordingly innovate newer strategies in order to increase brand recall and promote your products.

While delivering our interactive marketing services, we follow a systematic process which is backed up by an extensive research in order to fulfill the precise requirements of our clients and achieve the desired objectives. Increasing the ROI by reaching out to larger audiences through smart digital marketing efforts forms the core of our interactive marketing services.

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